Hey there

My name is Mike and I am the reason this community exists.

Since my youngest age, I had this dream of making a huge impact on the world but as the years were passing, I got carried away by many distractions that this world has to offer and completely lost sense of myself. Luckily at a given moment in my life, with great help from my mentor, I realized that I can still get back on track and fulfill my dream of making a big impact on the world so I left everything behind and started all over again.

Driven by the idea of making the world a better place for living I started working on several projects that were supposed to help me impact a great change in the world that we live in while also allowing me to fulfill my personal dreams as it is traveling the world, connecting with great people, finding love, building financial independence and leaving a great legacy behind me.

Dream Homestyle is one of those projects and it is my big pleasure to be the leader of something as beautiful as this. I am still building a career and a name in this world and it would really help me achieve all of my goals and dreams if you can spread the word about some of the projects that I am working on

Articles written by me>>

Another project that I am proud to share with you is the Extended Universe movement which is consisted of a YouTube Channel, Instagram Profile, and a Website that is still being developed. On the youtube channel, you will find videos of me talking about deep subjects, giving life advice, sharing life experiences, mistakes that I’ve made, lessons that I’ve learned, and more, while on the Instagram you can find highly motivational images that are supposed to make your day a little bit better. If you want to directly support me you can paypal.me/mikemasters33