Who are we?

This community was originally started by a single individual who was experiencing a great motivation for success just by looking at all that one can achieve only if they are willing to put in some effort and driven by this feeling of motivation he decided to try and motivate as many people as possible as he was walking his way towards success.

Mike Masters, the main author of this page is the one who started this community, and thanks to his commitment and determination, today we count nearly 7000 members on our social platforms, meaning that it was just about the right time to take this community to the next level and give them a better home. That’s where this website comes into play…

Dream Homestyle is a place where you can spend your time productively, filling your vision with images of how bright can your future looks like, and pick up some useful advice on how to manifest that future in your life. Many of our community members have reached out to us, giving their thanks for motivating them and helping them to become more productive and wake up the creative spirit inside them.

How did we came to exist?

It all started with the desire to motivate people who haven’t reached that level in life, to put in some effort and do the 10,000 hours of work that will help them have a life like they always dreamed of and what is the better way to motivate them than showing them a sample of how the reward looks like. Inspired by this idea we started building a community that mainly started as an Instagram page, then we spread on Facebook as well so in the end we can end up creating an entire website for our audience to enjoy.

What is our goal?

As mentioned above the primary goal that made us start building this community haven’t changed yet and we still aim to motivate people to take responsibility for their life by showing them how far they can get if they are willing to take action and do something about it today.

However, our goals today, besides motivating you is to give you a place where you can spend your time filling up your vision with random ideas of how your future home can be styled, share a tip or two that we learned on our way towards manifesting our dreams and mainly give you something that is worthy of your attention since most of the websites in this wilderness have a primary purpose to distract you from achieving your great potential by filling your head with empty information as gossips about celebrities and much more.

Besides our primary purpose…

Other than the primary goal that is driving us and keeps us still running, we also want to serve you as a great inspiration and give you many ideas for decorating your home so if you are someone who already achieved something in life and you are building or renovating your home, then we care about you too!

We have organized galleries with a bunch of images that offer you a variety of choices and ideas when it comes to designing and decorating your home whether it is some furniture that you are replacing, painting the walls, adding some decorations to your room or garden, or anything else home-related.