4 simple tips that will take your skills to another level

take your skills to another level

Having well-developed skills is crucial in life. But many times even though we want to develop a certain skill we may find ourselves discouraged or bump into an obstacle that results in disappointment and giving up the desire to have that skill. That’s why in this post we decided to share with you 3 simple tips that will take your skills to another level and keep you motivated until you fully master them.

1. The more you practice it the better you become

So the first way to take your skills to another level is to simply practice them more often. It is a well-known and proven fact that when you put some work into something there are results to be seen later on and when it comes to improving your skills the benefit that you can reap after the practice is a well-developed skill.

No matter what skill you are trying to develop, this rule applies to everything. Whether it’s skating, swimming, talking in front of a camera, or landing a plane the more hours you put into practice the greater sense you get and the more you develop your skill.

Although many people will try to justify their lack of experience with many different excuses and explanations, trust me when I say it all narrows down to practice. Practice is the key to mastering any skill and without practice you end up having an interest that you can only use as a subject of conversation while practice will allow you to have a mastered skill that you can use to achieve a certain goal or result.

take your skills to another level
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2. Build up experience

Have you ever read a statement where someone claims they are “An experienced Developer” or “Experienced Designer” or maybe “Experienced Driver”? Well, that statement has a background supporting it and in order to be able to state such a thing you have to have a lot of experience in your area of expertise.

Experience is directly related to skill mastery since the more experienced you are the better your skills are and when it comes to experience it all narrows down to practice again.

Once you start practicing a certain thing you add up to your experience with each minute spend practicing because the more time you spend practicing the further you explore your area of expertise and the more you know about it.

Tomorrow when you speak to a colleague from the same field or a client requesting your service, your knowledge will reveal your experience and expose how far you’ve explored the area because when they start talking about a certain thing you will either have previous experience with it from back when you’ve been practicing or it will be something completely new to you.

However, not being experienced in something is normal.

Learning something new ain’t a bad thing. It’s actually quite positive. So if you find yourself in a situation where you aren’t experienced with something even though it is part of your area of expertise, don’t get disappointed. Just understand that it’s something that you haven’t had the chance to work with yet. Besides that, all that you know right now used to be unknown at a given moment in your life.

take your skills to another level
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3. Take your time

The reason why most of us fail to develop a skill and give up halfway is that we rush to have the skill developed. Whether it is because we compare to someone who already has their skills mastered or because we want to achieve a certain goal or participate in some project we rush to do it quickly and when we fail to see the result we expected we get disappointed and give up.

But do you know that the person that you are comparing yourself to also had a moment when they were just starting out and had no skills at all? They had to go the same path that you are walking right now in order to get where they are now. That’s why you can’t compare to someone who is way ahead of you. You can’t allow yourself to be discouraged by someone who reached the destination that you aim to reach before you even started walking the path.

take your skills to another level
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4. Lead your own projects

Many times the reason behind having a less-developed skill is the lack of experience. But how do we build experience when no one still wants us to work on their project because of our lack of experience?

Well, it’s simple. Launch your own project and work until you gain more experience. If it is a short-term project (let’s say you’ve built a website) then go for another one. Keep repeating the process because with each project completed, you explore new things, gain new experience and the final result looks a lot better.

Implementing this tip into your life will not only add up to your experience and take your skills to another level but you will also have something to show up to your potential clients since each finished project is a new element to your portfolio.

take your skills to another level
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