Luxury home tour for your enjoyment

Luxury home tour for your enjoyment

I love luxury and I bet that you love it too since you clicked on this post. Well, this is the reason behind this luxury home tour and why we are sharing it with you today. The first reason that makes this luxury home tour worth watching is the high quality and beautifully montaged video that was professionally recorded by someone who has a passion for video production. It is simply perfect and makes you want to keep watching.

Located in a neighborhood that hold’s the same luxury standards as the house itself, this luxury home offers us a pleasant greeting by its beautiful front yard’s garden combined with a spacious parking space that leads to a garage for the cars. Even though it’s part of the front yard, the parking space is divided by a row of bushes that not only make the esthetics of the face of the house look better but also gives a feeling of a more organized space.

Inside the house

As soon as you enter the house you are being welcomed by a short hallway that leads straight to a dining table which is connected to a living room made of two different sitting spaces furnished with all modern elements, separated by a single wall while the back wall directly connects the living space to the backyard.

The inside of the house consists of a simply designed white and black kitchen which is located right behind the left part of the living space. The kitchen has a countertop stick to the wall along with hanging elements above it and a built-in stove, washing machine, and a huge fridge. Behind the kitchen is one of the bathrooms on the first floor that is accessible from the entrance hallway.

Across the countertop, there is a kitchen island that separates the kitchen from the living room and besides holding the tap water fountain it also serves as a dining area that can suit up to four people eating comfortably at a time. An important decoration that complements the space, even more, is the chandelier above the island. The kitchen and one of the living spaces also have big TVs that create a feeling as if you are in a home theater.

Outside the house

The backyard is a place where I would spend almost all of my time if I was going to live here. Decorated by a few beautiful fountains and a lot of green grass, trees, and bushes the backyard garden gives us a greater touch with nature which makes the time spent there enjoyable.

Besides the beautiful decorations, one of the sitting areas has some outdoor furniture, and a built-in outdoor fireplace placed next to one of the fountains allows us to comfortably spend some time enjoying the singing birds in spring while listening to some nice water sounds that the fountain produces.

A dining space directly connected to the patio allowing you to easily get in and out of the house since the house has floor to ceiling sliding glass doors making the inside of the space open to daily sunlight and also easy to navigate from the house to the yard and the other way around is located in the backyard.

The top floor

On the left of the kitchen, there are white stairs with a glass side-fence leading to the top floor. On the top floor, you can find a master bedroom with a huge balcony extending towards the backyard area. Besides the master bedroom you there are additional 4 bedrooms on the top floor along with 5 bathrooms and office space. The house also has a sauna and a laundry room.

video by Vancouver Real Estate Films

Watching this kind of luxury home tour is healthy for your mental state because it creates this desire for you to achieve something similar in life and motivates you to fight and push forward till you eventually make it. See some tips on how to start your journey to success and manifest whatever you are dreaming of.

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