7 tips that will help you manifest your dreams

manifest your dreams

Everybody has a dream. And most of us want to manifest that dream. But how to manifest your dreams in a world so full of distractions where almost everyone you know chases a dream of their own and has no time to even hear you out nor help you achieve something?

Well, luckily you don’t need anyone’s help to manifest your dreams because the only one who can help you is you! And a little bit of support from us… So here are few tips that will help you manifest your dreams.

1. Crave for freedom

Think about this. You have a job that you give at least 4 hours of your time daily, maybe 8, maybe even more. In that job you put in lots of effort and at the end of the day this job drains you so much that you can’t do anything else. The main benefits and all the results of your efforts go to the one who owns the company while you take only a small portion of what the company is earning.

All that effort, so you can get a paycheck with only a small percent of what you can be potentially earning with the same effort. And they keep you there, with a hope that one day you get a promotion and start earning more. But the question is, will that promotion buy you freedom? Or will it only give you more responsibilities and things to do that you won’t have the time or energy to spend the money that you will be earning?

Freedom feels more like doing whatever you want, whenever you want it and if you can desire freedom deeply inside yourself, you can ignite that spark that will drive you crazy until you do something about manifesting freedom. So once you get this deep desire to be free, now you start looking for ways to set free and manifest your dreams.

manifest your dreams
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2. Learn to walk alone

Although walking alone may sound a bit scary, it is actually the thing that you have to do in order to evolve further and move one step closer towards manifesting your dreams. Because always being surrounded by people does you no good. It does not allow you to spend your time productively. Once you start spending some time with yourself alone, you will get to know yourself better and discover things that you didn’t even know about yourself before. Spending alone time will help you discover new qualities, skills, and interests and will help you learn what you truly love doing, and later on, you can start doing what you love as a way to manifest your dreams.

manifest your dreams
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3. Turn your passion into a source of income

After you start spending more time with yourself, you will start finding more and more of your interests. Some of them are gonna bring you more joy than others. What will drive you most is what you need to pursue because only when you do something out of pure passion you can achieve your goal with joy. And it is important to enjoy what you are doing because otherwise, you will quit before you even start. After you find some of the things that you are truly passionate about you can now start thinking of ways to monetize them. For an example, take this blog. I have been always passionate about writing. I have always been passionate about home and design as well. So I fused those two passions together, and right now I am working on turning my passion into something that will give back to me.

manifest your dreams
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4. Stay consistent

Once you find a way to monetize doing your favorite thing it’s time to get a bit serious. Consistency is what will make this all work. You will have your highs and you will have your lows. Sometimes it will all work perfectly and sometimes it will all just go down. None of these case scenarios shall be the reason for you to give up. Quite the opposite, it should motivate you to explore it further, find what you are doing wrong and improve for the better. After a while of you being consistent with what you do, you will start seeing some results. Not the big numbers yet but still, your passion will start returning benefits for your efforts.

manifest your dreams
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5. Leave your job once you get your thing going

Having those first givebacks will make you the happiest and will motivate you to do even more. After a while of having your thing going on you will start getting more and more in return. This is the moment where you want to see where you are standing in life and rethink your investments. Is your job bringing you as much as your passion is? Can you live the month only by what your side business is giving you? If you are in a position where you can live the month with what your side thing is bringing you only, then take that risk and leave your job. Having an extra 4-8 hours to invest in your passion will help your side business skyrocket and will bring you much more than what your job can ever do.

manifest your dreams
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6. Build yourself a comfortable base station

Once you get committed 100% into growing your own business, now you need to make your new job feel like no job at all. Actually, this can be done even at the beginning of your entire journey. What do I mean by this? Build a nice and comfy place from where you will work. Build an office space that will motivate you to do more of your passions and have it as your central base from where you will operate your business.

manifest your dreams
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7. Enjoy freedom!

After this, you are basically free to do whatever you want with your time and investments. You can reinvest the money that you are earning into growing your business even more, you can pay people to help you grow it further, you can invest your time into looking for ways to take it all next level, and most importantly, you can take as much time as you want off to do whatever makes you happy!

manifest your dreams
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